Aortic deposit (Shack          
        cooking, 6 takes)

        My Barium Meal              
        Preying for Modesty






Katrina is a Greek-Australian Artist based in London.

Her interests are located amongst meanings of agency and subject, what we consider real, scientific and surreal, and how we consistently misperceive through Photography. She is particularly interested in connections made between the ways we digest food and images, their source and distribution, and how they entwine as daily process.

Katrina works amongst Photographic processes that are physical in their quest. Fascinated with pinhole photography and placing disguised home-made cameras in public, Katrina also utilises food/ bone waste and collects film waste from commercial Photographic labs in London.

Her practice manifests through photography, darkroom experimentation, chemigrams, found 16mm and 35mm film, video, sound and bookmaking.

Katrina is a Project Manager of the London Alternative Photography Collective, and the Co-Founder of EquivalentBehaviour, a project space in North London. Home to a Photographic Scanning studio and workspace, Equivalentbehaviour has a growing programme of workshops, exhibitions and events.