Katrina is an artist based in London.

Her interests are located amongst meanings of agency and subject, what we consider real, scientific and surreal, and how we consistently misperceive through photography.

Focusing on a variety of image-making perspectives, Katrina works amongst pinhole/ film photography, chemigrams, dark room experimentation, found footage, scanography, bookmaking, sound and video.

After Graduating in 2012 at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, she has, since then, been a previous resident of the BigCi (Bilpin Ground for Creative Initiatives), Wollemi National Park, Australia, and Haihatus Art Center, Finland.

Katrina has participated in various group exhibitions, such as Altered States, St Johns Crypt, London, Surge, The Courtauld East Wing Biennial at Somerset House, Manpower ‘16, Lisbon, After Eden LATARKA (in correspondence with the Annual Degrowth Festival), Budapest, Real/ Unreal held at Bath Photography Festival, and Noisefloor, an Experimental Music and Moving Image Festival in Staffordshire.

Katrina is a 2020 MFA Graduate from Goldsmiths College, London.

In 2021, she has presented her first solo Exhibition Preying for Modesty (Meatheads), at PhotoAccess in Canberra, Australia, and is currently on the The London Creative Network programme with Four Corners.