Aortic deposit (Shack          
        cooking, 6 takes)

        My Barium Meal             
        Preying for Modesty


                                                                            Troop, 2022
                                                                                           69 unique chemigrams installed with pointed head pins

                                                                                                   deposit #4, 2022
                                                                                                                      Unique chemigram on expired fuji paper

It started with an invitation to lunch.
Ox heart
It was one of 6.

6 Ox hearts were sourced for 6 takes of a scene shot in London, and following the shoot,
these 6 Ox hearts were designated to bin.

8-12 people can generously feed on a nutritiously giving, life forming Ox heart.

Salvaging 3 of the 6, the friend who invited me to lunch gifted me the un-edible parts of 1 
and one full 1.

I cooked it. We shared it.

The un-edible parts of these almost discarded Ox hearts, have become material and subject
for work of Aortic deposit (Shack Cooking, 6 takes).

Other chemigram materials include toothpaste, old mascara, pickle juice, black and white
chemistry, sepia toner conentrate, C41 chemistry, expired Kodak Bromide paper, expired
Brovira paper and expired fuji paper.

                          Aortic Deposit (Shack Cooking 6 takes), 2022
                            C-type hand prints made with exposed chemigrams on film