“Among crustaceans, the crab is known as the “sleeper”, the image of eternal sleep, is the most
mysterious, the most deceitful, the shiftiest. It hides under rocks and its mobile eyes watch for
prey with a cruel malice. It walks sideways. It combines every fault. There are men who resemble it.”

                                                                                              - From Encyclopedia Acephalica, George Bataille

                                                                                                                  Dorsals, 2016 
                                                                                                                  scanography & digital collage printed as digital c-types

Embracing the  imaginary, organic and synthetic nature of hypothesis, Dorsals marvel on the potentiality of
species in both scientific and fictional realms. Melted in to each specimen are elements of found objects:

photographs, x-rays, dead insects and fish, aquarium ornaments, coral and other media. 

A big thank you to the following participants for donating their X-rays:

Ari Stamatopoulos, fractured wrist x-ray
Georgia Stamatopoulos, foetal scan at 9.3cm
Stuart Trevor, mandible mouth x-ray, lung x-ray
Carl Simpson, anxle x-ray
Alexandra Spence, discolated shoulder x-ray
Colin Sweetman, dislocated shoulder x-ray