My Barium Meal
         Preying for Modesty
         Honest orifice


PREYING FOR MODESTY (Meatheads), 2021
PhotoAccess, Canberra, Australia

PREYING FOR MODESTY (Meatheads), 2020 
Goldsmiths MFA degree show, St James Hatcham Church,  London



Tolli's, Kentish Town, London
collaboration with KavcuK

‘Its been a nourishing meal… Every bite has been savoured and our plates have been devoured –
our stomachs feel like they have been treated with grace. Experiencing such company, atmosphere,
food and service, another happy couple will definitely return.’

‘Remains’ refers to what once was, what still is and what will be. Whether it is organic or artificial, a trace,
stain or scratch… this exhibition embraces those elements that have been left or found, thrown around,
wasted or discarded.

The artists in this exhibition are gleaners in their own ways. Scavenging materials and clues from other
people leftovers; maps from travel or food scraps - these artists continue their own supper from a meal
that once was. 

REMAINS Installation view, 2019
Tolli's, Kentish Town, London


Imperial Works Fountayne road, London N15 4Presented by Katrina Stamatopoulos and KavcuK,
this show is based on unwanted photographic paper made into images. Depending on a reaction
to time and situation, the surface can dance.

Photographs of Seethrough are made with light and liquids. Just like skin, paper can
be stimulated by a sense of touch. The artists bring together recent experiments to
Imperial works, transforming the upstairs corridor into a photo laboratory.

A big thank you to Artful Dodgers Imaging, London, for the donation of water damaged fuji paper.


Installation of SEETHROUGH, Imperial Works, Fountayne road, London, 2017

Please do not touch, exposure in progress, 2017

Window 71 projects, Broad Lane, Tottenham, London
Part of an ongoing experiment with KavcuK

Please do not touch, exposure in progress,
7.19 m x 52 cm
water damaged fuji paper, exposed during the 1 month window dislpay

Seeps through the Tale, 2017

A photographic exhibition and collaboration between Katrina Stamatopoulos
and restaurant/ bar/ artspace LOVENpresents, Tottenham


Installation shots from Seeps through the Tale, 2017

Props in a game of make-believe, 2014
curatorial project by Katrina Stamatopoulos, Gaffa, Sydney

Meaning is a constant process of negotiation. We assign an object to this or that relevance and create truth for it,
using imagery to help us shape ideas. The seven photographic artists selected for this show have
developed an understanding of photo media to interpret their own personal truth-creation through imagery.

Props in a game of make-believe is an exploration into the hazy borders that separate real and imagined ways
of perceiving. Playing with notions of fiction and perception, this show attempts to challenge what we see
with our eyes and what can be seen through photography, and how we may experience imaginings in urban space,
nature, body, dreamscape, and mythological archetypes.

Through their retelling stories become distorted as they are spoken through each new narrator; consequently
that which claims to be true is a version of the truth. The stories we tell ourselves are expressions of interpretation.
They provide us with freedom but also restrict us, reminding us that we are always confined by the
limitations of what we know.

Artists involved:
Patrick Cremin
Sarah Kukathas
Koji Makino
René Norwie
Renate Rienmueller
Lisa Sammut
Katrina Stamatopoulos


  Installation shots from Props in a game of make-believe, gaffa, Sydney, 2014