Unattainable woman, 2015
77cm x 107cm
c-type print


           from the Fountain of Neptune, Piazza Navona, 2015

Selected portraits:

Mermaid, 2014
hooker girl, 2014
two faced, 2015
too glazed to remember, 2014
Artifice mirrors artifice, 2015
Mirror stage, 2014
Floating in my penumbra, 2014

True in a liquid world

Mermaids have been present for centuries. Somewhere between mythology and pop-culture,
this legendary creature has been interpreted in many forms.. Representing fears and fascinations
we have developed as being man/ woman, human and sea, mermaids have empowered our lives
physically, collectively and psychologically.

Among the curiosities of where the mermaid first originated, developments of mythological ideas such as
with stories of Ulysses and Homer assisted in the belief of sailors envisioning mermaids out at sea.

This project has been explored in Australia, Finland, UK and Italy, and is focused on representing
hypotheses’ made with both gender, being, and our relation to the sea. As a prominent imaginary figure,
the transitional identity of a mermaid has manifested in numerous ways.. One questions if the presence
of a mermaid has been developed from a masculine gaze or if it is in fact a representation of both genders.



                       March of the maids, 2015
                       digital video with sound, 3:01 minutes
                       document of the annual event March of the Mermaids,
                       Brighton, UK