selected pinhole exposures from December - February, 2020

 from left to right

31-12-19 Tesco, Seven Sisters, 2 nights
03-01-20 Sainsbury’s, Stamford Hill, 2 nights
06-01-20 Lidl, Tottenham, overnight
10-02-20 TkMaxx, Tottenham, overnight
15-02-20 M&S, Dalston, 6 hours
15-02-20 Sainsbury’s, Dalston,  6 hours


    selected pinhole exposures from February - March, 2020

    from left to right 

    09-02-20 Morrisons, Stamford Hill, overnight
    22-02-20 Waitrose, Clerkernwell, 6 hours
    08-03-20 Asda, Stamford Hill, 6 hours
    07-03-20 Sainsbury’s, New Cross Gate, 7 hours
    12-03-20 Asda, Bruce Grove, overnight
    19-03-20 Morrisons, Stamford Hill, 6 hours


    selected pinhole exposures March 2020 

    from left to right

    15-03-20 Sainsbury’s, Farringdon, 5 hours
    17-03-20 Iceland, New Cross Gate, 7 hours
    16-03-20 Sainsbury’s, Chancery Lane, 5 hours
    18-03-20 Tesco, Seven Sisters, overnight
    20-03-20 Tesco, Enfield, 4 hours
    20-03-20 Tesco, Enfield, 4 hours

                     selected and used pinhole cameras, 2020 

Selected pages from Supermarket Diary, 2020


Using shoeboxes rescued from trash or appropriated secondhand, pinhole cameras
were made over a 6-month period and placed underneath parked cars
temporarily to expose their unseen body parts. Various photographic paper, film
types and exposure times were experimented with to trace each boxes encounter,
vulnerably scarring and recording the photographic material.

While some of the photographs were taken locally and with neighbours’ permission,
diary entries reveal the risks taken in sneaking these re-fashioned cameras – oblivious
and suspicious to the potential car owner– underneath vehicles that are the private
belongings of others, and with the intensity with what could happen if caught.

Appearing medical in its gaze and forensic in its surveillance, Undercover
subverts several binaries at once. Keeping suspended the gap between human and
machine, private and public, street and home, hidden and seen; identification with
neither and both of these supposed binaries occur in this urban underworld.

written by artist and writer Benjamin Carey, 2018

Diary samples:

Undercover book:

Installation view, Tottenham, London, 2018
unique c-type C41 & black and white photographs, ground sealant


Trapped in a valve, 2018
exhaust pipe, speaker,mini ipod

Selected chemigrams and photographs from Honest Orifice, 2018
Chemigrams have been made with food scraps or bits gleaned from street markets.
Photographed elements include albumen, dead fish, onions

Honest Orifice

Embracing the confusion of photographically seeing, Honest orifice involves organic and
artificial elements, discarded foods and things we ingest, liquefying plastic with albumen.
Weaning around notions of what is real and delusional, being subjective and subject to,
this project explores a creature of the body, through the body, and what may be bodily in
feeling and gesture.


Duct, 2018
copper pipe, expanding glue, spray paint, wood, digital projector, cable, found object
digital video, 10 mins 09 secs, looped

Projection lamp made in collaboration with KavcuK, London 2018

                   Unattainable woman, 2015
                   77cm x 107cm
                   c-type print

                             From the Fountain of Neptune, Piazza Navona, 2015

Selected portraits:

Mermaid, 2014
hooker girl, 2014
two faced, 2015
too glazed to remember, 2014
Artifice mirrors artifice, 2015
Mirror stage, 2014
Floating in my penumbra, 2014

All portraits are made with mermaid objects purchased on Ebay



                       March of the maids, 2015
                       digital video with sound, 3:01 minutes
                       document of the annual event March of the Mermaids,
                       Brighton, UK

“Among crustaceans, the crab is known as the “sleeper”, the image of eternal sleep, is the most
mysterious, the most deceitful, the shiftiest. It hides under rocks and its mobile eyes watch for
prey with a cruel malice. It walks sideways. It combines every fault. There are men who resemble it.”

                                                                                              - From Encyclopedia Acephalica, George Bataille

                                                                                                                  Dorsals, 2016 
                                                                                                                  scanography & digital collage printed as digital c-types

Embracing the  imaginary, organic and synthetic nature of hypothesis, Dorsals marvel on the potentiality of
species in both scientific and fictional realms. Melted in to each specimen are elements of found objects:

photographs, x-rays, dead insects and fish, aquarium ornaments, coral and other media. 

A big thank you to the following participants for donating their X-rays:

Ari Stamatopoulos, fractured wrist x-ray
Georgia Stamatopoulos, foetal scan at 9.3cm
Stuart Trevor, mandible mouth x-ray, lung x-ray
Carl Simpson, anxle x-ray
Alexandra Spence, discolated shoulder x-ray
Colin Sweetman, dislocated shoulder x-ray