Selected chemigrams and photographs from Honest Orifice, 2018
Chemigrams have been made directly onto photographic film or paper,
and with food scraps or bits gleaned from street markets.

Honest Orifice

Embracing the confusion of photographically seeing, Honest orifice involves organic and
artificial elements, discarded foods and things we ingest, liquefying plastic with albumen.
Weaning around notions of what is real and delusional, being subjective and subject to,
this project explores a creature of the body, through the body, and what may be bodily in
feeling and gesture.


Duct, 2018
copper pipe, expanding glue, spray paint, wood, digital projector, cable, found object
digital video, 10 mins 09 secs, looped

Projection lamp made in collaboration with KavcuK, London 2018