Preying for Modesty

This project is an ongoing video collection, that involves personal experiences of non-industrial animal slaughter.

Collaborating with people who conduct, or who have captured a  slaughter on camera, this project connects with rituals and historical practices of feeding on flesh. These part abstract/ documentary videos consider wider food production systems and the ethics of both eating and being animal. 

‘Outside Eden, eating means also killing, directly or indirectly, and killing well is an obligation akin to eating well. This applies to a vegan as much as a human carnivore. The devil is, as usual, in the details.’

                                                                                                                                                   - Donna Harraway


Preying for Modesty, 2020
Part IV shot by Chris Panagiotaros in Capertee, Australia


Preying for Modesty, 2020
Part III shot by Libby Gresham in Wattle Ponds, Australia


Preying for Modesty, 2020
Part II shot by Jessica Fewkes in Bugiri, Uganda



Preying for Modesty, 2020
Part I shot by George Stamatopoulos in Dungog, Australia