Aortic deposit (Shack          
        cooking, 6 takes)

        My Barium Meal             
        Preying for Modesty


Selected work from My Barium Meal, 2021
hand c-type prints, BW hand prints on Ilford paper, BW hand prints on expired Bromide paper,
BW hand prints on expired Harman positive paper,  BW photograms on Oriental expired paper, collage

Engaging with deceptive potentials of photography, My Barium Meal is a food diary that connects mysterious life through extraction.
Working with techniques such as bone preservation, infrared and UV lighting, microscopy, chemigrams, photograms and dark room experimentation,
‘accuracy’ amongst photography in scientific realms is interpreted.

8 marrow dishes (after a Friday night at St Johns), 2021
BW hand print

Collaboration with St Johns restaurant, Barbican, London