My Barium Meal
         Preying for Modesty
         Honest orifice


Selected works from My Barium Meal, 2021
hand c-type prints, BW hand prints, BW hand prints on expired Bromide paper, BW photograms on Oriental expired paper, collage

Savouring left over food scraps and preserving animal bones left after meals, My Barium Meal is a food diary, that connects mysterious life through extraction.
Utilising techniques such as infrared and UV lighting, photograms, microscopy and X-ray film, ‘accuracy’ amongst photography in scientific realms is interpreted.

Trust in where our food comes from and what it is doing to our bodies is more than ever in question. Through a scientific voice, facts are more likely to be
believed – we rely on medical opinion to guide us through imagery of our bodies, just like we rely on food producers to provide information of where our food
comes from. Facts can be spliced with all sorts of uncertainties - who are we to trust?